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3 Pack Fitness Body Band OEM Fabric Long Resistance Band NEW

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-B4
Package 35sets/CTN, 14kgs/CTN, 58*31*33cm/CTN
MOQ 100 sets
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

3 Pack Fitness Body Band OEM Fabric Long Resistance Band NEW


Body bands are made of soft, skin-friendly polyester-cotton stretch fabric that won’t roll up and break when you exercise. Compared to traditional rubber and latex loop bands – which can be irritating to your skin, wear out quickly or break completely – our body bands have improved elasticity to maximize comfort and avoid pinching your skin, making them the best choice for sports and fitness.

Compared to fancy gym memberships or expensive group classes, our lightweight exercise body band set works your entire body (shoulders, arms, chest, hips, glutes, legs, abs), which means you can avoid stocking up on bulky muscle-building tools.

Resistance body bands for women can be used alone, with a training partner, or anywhere you feel the need to give your muscles an extra challenge. Ideal for beginners and experienced fitness athletes.

Perfect for the gym, home, and outdoor sports, this resistance body band set features our body bands in various sizes and color options, and the body bands come in three strength levels: strong, medium, and light.

Pull-up body bands are suitable for assisting push-ups, pull-ups, and various other movements, exercising the back, shoulders, legs, buttocks muscles, etc., shaping a more attractive and healthy body posture.


Name: Fabric Long Resistance Bands / Body Bands

Material: Polyester Cotton + Rubber Latex Thread

Size: 208*3cm / 200*4cm

Tension: Light(up to 24lbs), Medium(up to 32lbs), Heavy(up to 49lbs)

Color: Pink + Gray + Black / Pink + Roes + Watermelon Red / Green + Pink + Purple / Light Purple + Purple + Dark Purple

Weight: 405g/set

Packing: 35sets/CTN,  14kgs/CTN,  58*31*33cm/CTN

Including 3pcs Long Resistance Body Bands + Workout Guide + Carry Bag

Logo: Customized as your requirements, cloth label or rubber label

Usages: Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Workout, Bodyweight, Bodybuilding, Lifting…


-Comfortable & Durable, Non-Slip or No Snapping
-Suitable for Full-Body Workout
-Easy to Use & Multi-function
-Working Out Anywhere

  1. High-quality materials – breathable and odorless
  2. Combining the advantages of nylon and polyester (70% nylon + 30% polyester), strong and soft, comfortable back support
  3. Your logo your style can be printed
  4. High-stretch band material – lasts 5-8 times longer than regular bands.
  5. Versatile: Great for improving strength and mobility.
  6. Suitable for a variety of exercises, such as hip squats, with leg thrusts, hip thrusts.
  7. Non-slip design: Made of a combination of fabric and latex. Internal non-slip grip design ensures that the bands will not roll up or pinch during exercise.
  8. These resistance bands can be easily carried to the gym, home use, and are also ideal for use when traveling.


  • Stretch and strengthen body muscles
  • Tighten the back muscles
  • Beautify the chest line
  • Train the glutes
  • Strengthen biceps
  • Slimming the legs
  • Tighten abdominal muscles


[ 3 Pieces in 1 Set, Suitable for Full-Body Workou] 3 different resistance levels and the same size. The 3 available resistance levels allow you to choose the ideal resistance to ensure the best training progress for reaching your personal level and goals. You can use the long loop band for weight loss, yoga training, physical training, it can meet all your needs.

Light (up to 24lbs). The low resistance band is perfect for beginners, Suitable for preheating, stretching, and mild strength training. Suitable for shoulder training and other high-performance speed training.

Medium (up to 32lbs). The medium resistance band is great for moderate fitness exercises and strength training.

Heavy (up to 49lbs). The heavy resistance band is for speed and agility training such as push-ups, squats, bench presses, and other exercises.

[ Excellent Durability ]

Durable and non-slip body bands are made of high-quality soft skin-friendly polyester-cotton stretch fabric, which is very durable. Compared with traditional rubber exercise bands, fabric body bands improve elasticity, which can maximize comfort and avoid pinching the skin, making it the best choice for sports and fitness. The results show that our active bands show good elasticity after a long time of use.

[ Safety & Versatility ] Since it is a 3-piece set by intensity, you can easily start exercising from low intensity, and children and the elderly can train easily. Since there is no need to lift heavyweights such as dumbbells and barbells, the risk of injury is less than using complicated exercise equipment such as metal spreaders, so you can exercise safely.

[ Lightweight and Portable ] Powerful elastic body band with its own portable bag, lightweight and space-saving. You can exercise anytime or carry it with you to the gym, office, home, or carry it with you on the go. With it, you can work out anywhere, anytime!

[ Easy Training at Home ] If you have a fitness body band, you don’t have to go to the gym. You can easily do full-body exercises at home! Useful for correcting posture, relieving joint pain, and tightening the whole body, also effective for maintaining health, improving hips, increasing muscle strength, increasing joints, stretching, and dieting.

[ Workout Anywhere ]Women’s fabric body band is lightweight and portable. It comes with a carrying bag and the fabric band fits directly into your exercise and fitness bag without taking up too much space. Suitable for travel, home, gym, park, beach, office, outdoor, and other resistance training, so you can work out anywhere, anytime. Whether at the gym, in the comfort of your home, or on the go, this versatility extends your workout needs.

[ Multifunctional Body Band ] Long body bands provide effective training and add extra resistance to your workout. They are perfect for you to learn pull-ups, rings, and muscle-ups. Use the activity bands to work your arms, back, legs and hips at the same time, perfect for physical resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.

[ Don’t Worry About Sliding and Rolling ] Anti-rolling and anti-slip designs show good performance, unlike other latex/rubber Resistance Bands. These wide fitness body bands are stitched with high-quality cotton-polyester stretch fabric and built-in elastic natural latex lining, which is environmentally friendly, skin-friendly, durable, stable, and non-slip. They will prevent sliding Up or Down, allowing you to focus on your workout.No no more rolling, no more correcting.

[ Best Tool for Exercising ] Our resistance body bands are the best choice for warm-ups exercise, physical therapy, and power training, help you recover from injuries.

[ Suitable for All Kinds of Sports ] Ideal resistance band for assisting P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Crazy, Pilates, and Hot Yoga workouts. Body bands will help you get your body and legs in perfect shape faster. Easy to use, just train 10-25 minutes a day. Use these bands for a range of workouts, from hip and glute activation and strength techniques to warm up your entire body while performing a dynamic warm-up.

Why Choose YFP Body Band Set?

Lightweight and portable, easy to use, small enough to fit in your bag Compatible with all types of exercise such as P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, etc. Great for stretching your hips, corners, abs, losing weight, shaping, or improving and exercising your entire body.

Includes 3 different resistance exercise bands, each with a different intensity, so you can work out continuously and safely. Increase the intensity of your workout. It is made of a super-stretchy, durable, eco-friendly blend of cotton and elastic that is strong, odor-free, safe, and more comfortable with no buckles or stretching deformations. Our resistance bands are perfect for warm-ups, strength training, and physical therapy to help prevent injuries. Suitable for all women and men who like to exercise.

Exercise Notes:

  • Be sure to warm up before exercising.
  • For beginners, try to exercise for about 30 minutes each time. Later, depending on your body’s ability to accept it, gradually Increase to an hour or longer.
  • Consult a professional nutritionist to develop a healthy diet plan.
  • Exercise 3-5 times a week for 20-60 minutes each time.
  • When using this product for fitness, please start with the minimum resistance band and gradually increase the resistance level.
  • After consulting with a professional fitness practitioner, write down your weekly workout plan and follow the exercise instructions Follow the plan.

Detail Images:

Resistance Band 6

body bands 8

body band 1

body band 8

body bands 1 1

Resistance Band 9

body band 7

Resistance Band 15

body band 9

body band 5

Resistance Band 4

Resistance Band 2

body band 4

Resistance Band 1

body bands 11

body band 11

body bands 3 1

body bands 5 1

body band 3

Resistance Band 3 1

body band 10

Resistance Band 13

body band 6

Resistance Band 10

body bands 2 1

body bands 9

body band 2

Resistance Band 8

body bands 10 1

body bands 4 1

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