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4 Packs Non-Slip Mini Resistance Bands Loop Bands Set NEW

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-MB2
Package 100pcs/CTN, 17kgs/CTN, 40*40*40cm/CTN
MOQ 100pcs
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

4 Packs Non-Slip Mini Resistance Bands Loop Bands Set NEW


Mini Resistance Bands are made of 100% natural latex, which is environmentally friendly and tasteless, durable, resilient, and keeps its shape for a long time without deformation. It adds internal stripes to make the product achieve a non-slip effect, not easy to slide and fall off.

Mini Resistance Bands for Butt and Legs, Exercise Bands for Working Out, Fitness, Stretching, Physical Therapy, Elastic Resistance Loop Bands with Instruction Manual & Carry Bag (Set of 4)

Exercise Workout Mini comes with 4 levels. All of these can be mixed and matched to achieve your fitness goals. This heavy-duty resistance mini band can be combined with any workout program, such as yoga, Pilates, squats, stretching, cross-fit, weight lifting, and more. You can easily carry this lightweight resistance band with you and you can work out anywhere – your home, office, or your travels, just like a “portable gym”. Our mini bands can be used for physical therapy, recovery, rehabilitation, body curves, fat burning, and weight loss.

Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced exercisers, these mini resistance bands can add intensity to your workout routine. With these mini bands, you can train almost your entire body, training your legs, hips, lower back, chest, glutes, back, shoulders, arms, and more. Let’s get moving!


Name: 4 Packs Non-Slip Mini Resistance Bands Loop Bands Set

Color: Purple, Pink, Blue, Gray / Pink, Blue, Gray, Black / Customized

Material: Natural latex / Silicone

Size: 600*50*0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1mm

Weight: 128g/set (with Carry bag)

Packaging: Each mini resistance band fit into a poly-bag, 4pcs resistance loop bands then packed in a nylon bag

Usages: Yoga, leg & arm exercise, workout, fitness, improve the body immunity

Advantages: Offering 4 resistance strength levels from Light to X-Heavy (10-40Ibs), you can have the most suitable one depending on the intensity of your workout, no matter you are a beginner or experienced exerciser.

Packing list: 1* Four Mini Resistance Bands +1* Carry Bag + 1*Instruction Manual

Packing: 100pcs/CTN,  17kgs/CTN,  40*40*40cm/CTN

Resistance Level:

Pink / Purple: Light (10-15 lbs)
Blue / Pink: Medium (15-20 lbs)
Gray / Blue: Heavy (20-30 lbs)
Black / Gray: X-Heavy (30-40 lbs)


1. Premium Natural 100% latex: This superior material guarantees a great elastic response as well as high resilience. They stay in place while you exercising

2. Four Color-coded Resistance Levels: From pink to black, the strength gets higher accordingly. The Pink color:5-10lbs; Blue color: 10-15lbs; Gray color: 15-20lbs; Black color: 20-30lbs; Black color: 30-40lbs. No matter what your fitness goals, the mini resistance bands offer exceptional versatility and accommodate any fitness level. Other strengths are provided, then it is workable to make 4 packs or 5 packs.

3. Weight light and Portable: These mini resistance bands take up little space that you can use at home or take to the gym, office, or when on vacation. Come with a convenient traveling bag for anywhere use.

4. Multi-function: Great for toning legs, butt, core, and arms Pilates, yoga, strength training, cardio workouts, or injury prevention and physical therapy

5. Build your best booty: Sculpt, lift and tone your booty with Mini Bands. They are perfect for leg and butt exercises, stretching, yoga, and more.

6. Portable & Convenient: The black carrying bag makes it easy to bring them everywhere. Have an effective workout anywhere at home, the gym, or on the go while traveling.

7. Custom Logo: Your logo can be added to each band.

8. High-end mini-bands: Our heavy-duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex, no rubber odor – and come in 4different resistance levels. This makes them perfect whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned workout warrior. Our extra light and light exercise bands are perfect for beginners, while our medium, heavy, and extra heavy exercise bands are geared toward more intermediate and advanced strength training.

9. Perfect for any workout. This set of resistance mini bands can be seamlessly integrated with every popular workout program, including yoga, Pilates, and more. Or use them for general workouts, stretching, strength training, and power weight programs. The included carry bag makes it easy to take your bands with you and do any workout at home or at your home gym.

10. Multiple uses: While these resistance loop bands are often used for sports and fitness, physical therapists like to use these physical therapy bands (rehab bands) to help rehabilitate their patients. Our stretch bands are used for people with leg, knee, and back injuries and help with MCL and ACL tears, knee replacements, patella, and meniscus rehabilitation. They are also great for women to use after pregnancy and childbirth to keep their bodies in shape.


What can you gain if you can do Resistance exercises 2 to 3 times a week?

1. Increase muscles, increase or maintain muscle strength;

2. Prevent and control heart disease and diabetes;

3. Improve posture, mobility, and balance ability;

4. Prevent falls, maintain independent behavior and improve quality of life.

And resistance exercises are exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime. You can carry resistance bands with you wherever you go, which is why this product is so popular.

Detail Images:

Mini Resistance Bands 7

mini resistance bands 3 2

mini resistance bands 4 2

Mini Resistance Bands 5

Mini Resistance Bands 2 1

Loop Bands Set 4

Loop Bands Set 7

Loop Bands Set 9

Loop Bands Set 8

Loop Bands Set 3

mini resistance bands 5 1Loop Bands Set 1

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