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Acupressure Set Best Acupressure Mat Pillow 8181 Acupoints

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-AS
Package 1opcs/CTN, 8.3kgs/CTN, 78*51*45cm/CTN
MOQ 100pcs
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

Acupressure Set Best Acupressure Mat Pillow 8181 Acupoints


Acupressure set includes a mat, pillow, and storage bag.

The Acupressure Mat is composed of a mat with 6,210 acupoints and a unique pillow with 1,971 acupoints to provide deep acupuncture stimulation. The massage mat is made of skin-friendly cotton or linen, the interior is made of eco-friendly high-density foam, and the nails are ABS non-toxic plastic, which is 100% natural and free of side effects. As you lie on the mat, thousands of acupuncture meridians run along your spine and shoulders, which helps relax muscles, reduce tension and relieve pain while reducing back and neck pain. It also brings about the production of endorphins and oxytocin, improves sleep quality, treats insomnia, improves blood circulation, as well as increases energy levels after 10-40 minutes of using the mat.

You can use it at home or bring it with you when working in the office, doing exercises at the gym, driving in the car, or doing yoga outdoors.


Name: Acupressure Set Best Acupressure Mat Pillow 8181 Acupoints

Material: Cotton fabric+Sponge+HIPS / ABS Spike

Mat: 68*42*2cm

Pillow: 40*15*10cm

Weight: 680g (with Carry bag)

Package Size: 24.3*18.1*43.5cm

Packing: 10pcs/CTN, 8.3kgs/CTN, 78*51*45cm/CTN

Including: mat+pillow with storage bag

Acupressure Set Usage:

1. Relaxation and Improved Sleep: Sleeping or sitting on the mat, the massage points will revitalize and stimulate your body’s circulation to treat insomnia and have body relaxation.

2. Relieve Stress and Pain: Thousands of pressure points provide you with relief from back and neck pain, tension, stiffness, stress, and many other conditions, increasing the energy to work. Simply lying on a mat for 10-30 minutes a day can naturally reduce muscle tension, and back pain.

3. Eliminate Fatigue and Improve Blood Circulation: When traveling or working, carry the Magic Mat in your car. It will provide you with an amazing reflexology treatment to eliminate fatigue by massaging points.

4. Increase Energy Levels: It stimulates endorphins and oxytocin, your own body’s natural pleasure hormones; it increases oxygen and helps restore your healthy balance. Thousands of acupuncture points stimulate nerves and improve circulation to increase energy and speed up muscle recovery, making it perfect for users who sit at a desk every day, as well as active individuals and athletes.

5. Foot Acupressure: Each of our body’s organs has corresponding response zones on the feet. By stimulating the acupuncture points and cushion points on the feet and improving blood circulation, we can remove toxins from our body, eliminate fatigue and improve our health.

6. Comprehensive Support: The cushioned foam mat is large enough to fit your entire back, and unlike many mats that only cover the back, this set includes a pillow covered with acupressure points for neck support and more comprehensive pain relief.

7. Full Aspect Deep Massage: The acupressure mat has 6210 acupuncture points; the neck pillow has 1971 acupuncture points.

Why and how to use an acupressure set?

If you feel tired, sleep-deprived, lack physical energy, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain. Or just need better and more adequate rest.

The acupressure mat consists of 230 constituent “flowers”. Each flower consists of 27 pressure points. All points are calibrated, which means that the precision manufacturing process for each pressure point is equally sharp, as well as equally effective. If you don’t plan to layout a spike mat, you sit on the spike mat and meditate every day.  The acupressure cushion can also be hung on the wall by the rings on the side.

Lie on the mat – preferably in direct contact with the skin (or with a thin t-shirt) for 35-40 minutes before going to bed. You can stand on the mat with your socks on for a 3-5 minute foot massage.

Back and neck: Place a pillow on a cushion so that it can support the neck. The spinal cord is the nerve center and is the most important neural network pathway, so treating the back by stimulating it affects the vertebrae. It can help you to relax the tense back and neck muscles and has various degrees of auxiliary treatment for back pain, lumbar muscle strain, and neck muscle strain.

Abdominal Pose: Lying face down on the mat with the abdomen insisting on the pad can promote digestion and speed up metabolism.

Hips and legs: Place the cushion on the buttocks and legs to relieve muscle tension. It can also promote lymphatic circulation in the buttocks and indirectly improve lymphatic circulation in the body, promote gas flow in the legs, and increase the capacity of the leg muscles.

Feet: Place your feet on the cushion and stroll and move around to stimulate the meridians on the bottom of your feet and improve the function of your feet.

Acupressure Set Personal Use Experience:

I have cervical spondylosis and my cervical spine often feels uncomfortable. Now I use it every day. After putting the head on the pillow, the whole cervical spine feels much more comfortable, without any pain. Highly recommended!

Detail Images:

Mat Pillow 1

Acupressure Mat Pillow 5

Acupressure Mat Pillow 1

Mat Pillow 8

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set 4

Acupressure Mat Pillow 4

Mat Pillow 7

Acupressure Mat Pillow 3

Mat Pillow 6

Mat Pillow 2

Mat Pillow 11

Mat Pillow 10

Mat Pillow 12

Acupressure Mat Pillow 6

mat pillow

Mat Pillow 9

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set 2

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