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Fabric Booty Bands Best Non Slip Resistance Hip Bands 3 Pack

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-B1
Package 40sets/CTN, 17.5kgs/CTN, 40*40*30cm/CTN
MOQ 100 sets
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal



Fabric Booty Bands Best Non Slip Resistance Hip Bands 3 Pack


Our fabric booty bands deliver as a three-band set offering 3 different resistance levels, light, medium, and heavy. Thus making sure all your workout goals and intensity levels are met. There is no need to worry about band rolling or discomfort as all bands are fabric and measure 3.15 inches wide, and are 15 inches in length.


  • Workout guide included
  • Non-slip design
  • Do not slide
  • Do not break
  • Can be used on bare skin
  • Durable fabric
  • Affordable price

We have three combinations of colors:

Pink+Gray+Black / Green + Pink +Purple / Light Gray+Gray+Black.

These three combinations of colors are the classic color combination of the world’s biggest brands ARENA STRENGTH and Recredo.

Both brands’ booty bands are being 3.15 inches wide, but ARENA STRENGTH is all bands with the same size; Recredo is all bands with the different size.

Different Size:

The “heavy” band is too loose and the “easy” band is too tight. Only the middle band gives you a good range. The other bands are not effective.

Same Size:

It does not vary the band size but rather the resistance of the fabric. All bands are the same size so you get a better stretch and range from our bands.

We recommend using all bands of the same size, just as the word’s #1 fabric resistance bands brand ARENA STRENGTH. It does not vary the band size but rather the resistance of the fabric, so you get a better stretch and range from our bands.

Being 3,15 inches wide, all bands with the same size, extra stitching to prevent braking, and an anti-slip layer – our fabric booty bands have it all.

Booty Bands are very versatile: use them lying down, seated, or even standing. Ideal for hitting your glutes from all angles. It easily fits into any handbag. Making it the perfect exercise device to take along anywhere: office, school, business trips, vacations, hotel, gym.

Fabric resistance bands offer less elasticity but feel much more comfortable with your skin. They will prevent you from getting red, irritated skin while working out – but will, at the same time, provide enough elasticity for you to have an excellent booty band workout.

You will find that most suppliers on the market offer resistance hip bands with similar pictures and prices, but how do you identify the quality of the product? This can only be known when you get the product and do a comparison. We offer FREE samples for your evaluation. Let’s see the results of my test.

I took two samples from other suppliers and compared them with our products. Let’s look for differences in resistance, workmanship, softness, weight, non-slip, and packaging.

After the comparison, I am proud to say that our products are the best in all aspects, including the price.

What can you gain if you can do Resistance exercises 2 to 3 times a week?

  1. Increase muscles, increase or maintain muscle strength;
  2. Prevent and control heart disease and diabetes;
  3. Improve posture, mobility, and balance ability;
  4. Prevent falls, maintain independent behavior and improve quality of life.

 Top 6 Benefits of Using Booty Bands:

  1. Very Effective
  2. No Weights Required
  3. Various Intensity Levels
  4. Many Exercise Possibilities
  5. Potable, Take Them Anywhere

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 booty bands, three resistance levels
  • A carry bag
  • A workout guide
  • 12-month band warranty


Name Fabric Booty Bands / Hip Bands / Resistance Bands
Material Polyester Cotton + Rubber Latex Thread
Size 750*80mm ( folded length 14.8″, width 3.15″ )
Tension Light(18~32lbs), Medium(30~50lbs), Heavy(45~70lbs)
Color Green + Pink +Purple / Pink+Gray+Black / Light Gray+Gray+Black
Weight 405g/set
Packing 40sets/CTN,  17.5kgs/CTN,  40*40*30cm/CTN
 Including 3pcs Exercise Resistance Bands + Workout Guide + Carry Bag
Logo  Customized
Usage  Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Workout

Detail Images:

booty workout 3

booty workout 2

booty workout 4

booty resistance bands

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Fabric Hip Resistance Bands 1

fabric workout bands 1


fabric resistance bands near me

booty bands

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