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Best Foam Roller 13 Inch Massage Roller Muscle Roller

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-FR
Package 1opcs/CTN, 7.6kgs/CTN, 36*25*34.5cm/CTN
MOQ 100pcs
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

Best Foam Roller 13 Inch Massage Roller Muscle Roller


Practicing a foam roller daily can help with blood circulation and serve to reduce fat and shape the waist, abdomen, back, and other body parts.

Foam rollers are a truly versatile piece of equipment that is inexpensive, yet very effective and beneficial to you and your exercise routine.

Use them for myofascial release and restriction, to massage and release tight muscles, to work out the knots in your muscles, or simply to help create that well-toned washboard abdomen we all want. If you’re not already using one, get one today and start seeing the benefits right away.

Our foam rollers are made of high-density EVA foam to provide you with ultimate support and feature different modes so you can choose the level of massage you need.

It is comfortable to use – easy even for beginners – but still effective in penetrating the soft tissue layers of tired muscles. Soft enough to be used in painful back injuries, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis.

One of the best recovery tools for treating muscle pain and improving performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after exercise is a great part of a stretching routine. Increases blood flow to the massaged area and flushes out stored lactic acid.

Stretch overworked and tight muscles in the legs, arms, and feet by rolling during the warm-up and cool-down. Provides immediate benefits to hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, and calves by providing an excellent massage at home or in the gym.

Popular with runners, athletes, yoga and Pilates students, swimmers, physical or sports therapy patients, and those who just do their normal fitness workouts. Great for the arches of the feet and any part of the body except the spine or neck.


Size: 33cm / 45cm

Material: EVA

3 levels of massage:

Low: Classic Roller

Medium: Crescent Roller

High: Rumble Roller

Packing: 10pc/CTN, 7.6kgs/CTN, 63*25*34.5cm/CTN

Delivery Time: 20-30 days after payment
Available in various colors.

Suitable for recovery after various intensity exercises. Deep muscle relaxation gives you total relaxation. Roll away tension and feel happy again.

What’s a foam roller?

The foam roller is generally lightweight and full of cushioning elasticity, which can help yoga practitioners to complete various balance movements. Especially after speed training and long runs, your stiff legs will be immediately relaxed and comfortable. Made of high purity EVA material.

It removes muscle tension, enhances core muscle strength and flexibility, and achieves balance in movement. It is an indispensable piece of equipment in modern yoga practice. The foam roller not only expands muscles and tendons but also breaks up soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. You can use your own body weight and a cylindrical foam roller to massage and release myofascial, break trigger points, relieve tension in the fascia, and increase blood flow and soft tissue circulation.

What can a foam roller help you with?

1. Reduce muscle tightness and tension

2. Stretches muscles and tendons safely

3. Increases blood flow and circulation

4. As a sports massage, a foam roller can provide many benefits and is very inexpensive to use.

How to use the foam roller?

(1) Lie on your side with your hands supported, place the foam roller under your outer thighs and the opposite limb in front of your body to help stabilize your body.
(2) Support the shoulder joint and opposite leg, forcing the body to move up and down so that the foam axis rolls back and forth within the range of the knee and hip joints.

Who should use Foam Roller?

1. Perfect for beginners and experienced athletes alike – it’s great for relieving ailments such as muscle pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and general back pain.

2. Anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a full tissue massage at a lower cost. Great for rehabilitating old injuries as well as preventing new ones.

3. Can be used for gym workouts, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, fitness, and other sports.


1. The medium density muscle foam roller is comfortable to use – easy for beginners, but still effective in penetrating the soft tissue layers of tired muscles. Soft enough to be used in painful back injuries, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis.

2. Popular with runners, exercise athletes, yoga and Pilates students, swimmers, physical or sports therapy patients, and helps those who are just doing their normal fitness workout. Good for the arch of the foot and any part of the body except the spine or neck.

3. The perfect service for ladies obsessed with yoga. Yoga is a great way to become a better version of yourself in many ways, it can help you calm down, improve your mood, regulate your physiology, facilitate sleep and recovery, and slim down at the same time. This resin roller can help you have more training methods for your yoga exercises, while also giving you double the efficiency mentioned above.

4. Fast, effective pain relief – If you’re over-exercising in the gym, our top-notch resin roller set can help relax and relieve tired muscles. Sometimes just cooling stretches aren’t enough, and resin rollers can really help prevent pain and injuries caused by hard exercise.

5. The best alternative to sports massage – Don’t have time to go to a professional or just feel self-conscious about the idea? Our roller will provide the same benefits as a sports massage and can help relieve shin splints pain and inflammation while also loosening nodes.

6. Cellulite Breaker – Those pesky fat deposits on the top of your thighs are something that every woman dreads. Using a roller can help break down cellulite and keep the skin dimple-free.

7. Handy Carry Bag – Pack it in a handy bag and take it with you to your next exercise class for instant relief on the go.

Detail Images:

fitness roller 3

fitness roller 2

Massage Roller 10

Muscle Roller 3

Muscle Roller 5

fitness roller 4

Muscle Roller 4

fitness roller 5

Muscle Roller 6

Massage Roller 8

Muscle Roller 2

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