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Pilates Ring Pilates Circle Magic Circle 4 Colors

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-PR
Package 30pcs/CTN, 11kgs/CTN, 67*42*39cm/CTN
MOQ 100pcs
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

Pilates Ring Pilates Circle Magic Circle 4 Colors


The Pilates ring is also called the magic circle, also known as the resistance circle. It is a small tool invented by Pilates inventor JOSPH PILATES for Pilates training. The addition of the magic ring to Pilates immediately makes training challenging. It also increases the instability in training, making it more effective.

This magic circle is the auxiliary equipment for yoga or Pilates, with high elasticity, and easy to use.

The magic circles are lightweight, easy to operate, and safe and convenient to use, making them ideal for people who want to build muscle strength, increase body awareness, improve endurance, balance, and proper posture. Focus on the arms, hips, or other areas that need to be shaped.


Material: Glass Fiber + PP + EVA Foam Padded

Size: Diameter 40cm (15.7 inches)

Color: Black,Blue,Green,Red,Purple,Pink or Customized

Packing: 1pcs/opp bag, 30pcs/CTN, 67*42.5*39cm/CTN


PORTABLE: Magic circle is small, lightweight, and effective. It is easy to carry and store, making it perfect for use during home gym workouts or when traveling.

NON-SLIP HANDLES: The ergonomically designed high-density EVA foam padding absorbs sweat from your hands and easily resists slipping during practice. With padded, non-slip foam grips on both the inside and outside of the ring, you can get a more comfortable, balanced, and effective workout session.

SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS: Our magic circles are made of high-quality and durable fiberglass strips, and use sports EVA non-slip foam pads inside and outside the rings, which are not easy to bend or break. Even after many stretches and compressions, the Pilates circle can still keep its perfect shape.

SUITABLE FOR THE CROWD: Perfect for people who want to build muscle strength, increase body awareness, build endurance, balance, and proper posture. Focus on arms, hips, or other areas that need to be shaped.

MAGIC PILATES RING: A simple, easy-to-use magic circle, simple exercise training for 15 minutes a day to achieve a lean and fit body. Great for your core workout, abdominal, thigh, leg, and arm workouts.

HOME & STUDIO: This professional-grade magic circle is high quality and perfect for use at home, in a small gym, or in Pilates group classes.

IMPROVE BALANCE: Pilates circle can improve balance and posture, strengthen the core and increase flexibility.

MULTI PART SLIMMING: Pilates circle can shape thigh, calf, wrist, arm, back, and other parts.

EFFICIENT FITNESS: The outer and inner sides of this Pilates circle are padded for more balanced and effective exercise. In just a few minutes a day, exercise can strengthen and regulate your body, and improve the effect of Pilates training.

STRONG PROTECTION: The thick foam can protect your body from harm when you do Pilates or yoga exercise, prevent wrist and ankle injuries.

GUIDE CORRECT POSTURE: Perfect for those who want to develop muscle strength, improve body awareness, improve endurance, balance, and correct posture. Focus on the arms, hips, or other areas that need to be shaped.

PERFECT FOR TRAVELING: Designed to be lightweight, portable, and non-bulky, you can bring this toning ring even when you’re traveling so you don’t have to miss a single session!

WHOLE BODY EXERCISE: Increase flexibility, improve posture and burn fat. Suitable for any part of the body. For example, arms, abs, chest, thighs, especially for internal and external areas. It is recommended that you start an effective fitness program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

ENHANCE POSTURE MOBILITY: The magic circle shape thighs and buttocks, tendon muscles, and burn fat. It is the perfect Pilates accessory.

POSTNATAL REPAIR OF PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE: A significant effect of the magic circle is to improve the pelvic floor muscle, through Pilates to repair the pelvic floor muscle training, daily repetition of simple actions can achieve good results.

ONE OF THE BEST UPPER THIGH EXERCISES FOR WOMEN: Magic circle is designed according to the human body curve, good for a core workout, abdominal, thigh, leg, and arm toning, improving posture, strengthening mobility.

Exercise Instructions:

  • Perform a 5-10 minute rhythmic warm-up before each workout.
  • Complete 1-3 sets of selected exercises with 5-10 repetitions each.
  • Rest at least 30-60 seconds between each set of exercise movements.
  • Exercise all areas of the body (upper body, lower body, midsection) with the same number of repetitions to avoid uneven muscle workouts.
  • If you are unable to complete five repetitions, rest longer between each set or do not use a magic ring during the repetitions.
  • If moderate to maximum muscle fatigue cannot be achieved, perform ten repetitions with a shorter rest between each set.
  • For optimal results, perform each exercise a maximum of 2-3 times per week.
  • Adequate rest of 24-48 hours can be taken between each Pilates circuit exercise.

How to use the magic circle?

Add a magic circle as a supplement to the various exercises that target the inner thighs. In the bridge position, place the magic circle between the inner thighs above the knees. Squeeze and release the rings in a series of reps.

Detail Images:

pilates ring

pilates ring exercises 3

pilates ring exercises 4

exercise pilates ring 1

exercise pilates ring 5

exercise pilates ring 2

exercise pilates ring 6

exercise pilates ring 4

Magic Circle 1

exercises with pilates ring 3

exercises with pilates ring 5

Pilates Circle 4

pilates ring workouts 4

pilates ring exercises 2

Pilates Circle 2

exercises with pilates ring 4

Magic Circle 3

Pilates Circle 1

resistance circle 2

exercises with pilates ring 2

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