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Rubber Yoga Mat ECO Yoga Mat Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat 4mm

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-PU
Package 6pcs/CTN, 19kgs/CTN, 69*35*25cm/CTN
MOQ 100pcs
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

Rubber Yoga Mat ECO Yoga Mat Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat 4mm


  • Material: Natural rubber+ PU
  • Color:Black,Blue,Green,Grey,Purple,Pink,Red,Orange or According to Pantone
  • Size: 183x68x0.4cm orcustomized
  • Logo: Laser printing, Heat transfer printing, silk printing
  • MOQ:100 pcs
  • Sample: (1)3-7 days for customized sample  (2)1-2 days for the standard sample
  • OEM Service: Yes
  • Certificate: SGS, ROHS, REACH
  • Packing: Opp Film, Colorful Paper, Yoga Strap or Customized
  • Production Capacity: 100,000 pcs per month
  • Payment: L/C;T/T;Western Union;Money gram;PayPal
  • Delivery time:30-35 days after getting the deposit or negotiate
  • Regular packing details: Each piece is rolled with OPP film;6pcs per carton


  • More advanced environmentally friendly raw materials. Abandoning grafted inferior rubber trees, strictly select the solid three-leaf rubber tree to ensure the purity of each drop of rubber stock.
  • 360-degree matrix anti-slip pattern enhances ground grip.
  • Dry and wet non-slip, quick-dry
  • More slippery, more sweat, and softer

Yoga Mat Lifetime Comparison:

PU + Natural Rubber——————————————————— 10 years

TPE ———————- 3 years

NBR ———– 2 years

PVC —— 1 year

PU+Natural Rubber:  Excellent non-slip grip; Environmentally friendly materials; Long service life.

TPE:  Cost-effective; Lightweight and good elasticity; High-density material.

NBR:  Moderate price; The mat is thicker and the foam material has a certain smell.

PVC:  Cheap price; Easy to get dirty, and the material cannot be degraded.

PU Yoga Mat and TPE Yoga Mat Comparison:

  • PU yoga mat is much better in terms of sweat absorption and slips resistance.
  • PU yoga mats are relatively heavy, not suitable for carrying out.
  • PU yoga mat is thinner, it has a regular thickness of 4mm, not suitable for beginners.
  • The surface of the PU yoga mat is cool and comfortable to use in hot weather.
  • PU yoga mat has better flexibility and is more suitable for rolling up and standing storage.
  • The surface of PU yoga mats is easily dirty.
  • Both materials are environmentally friendly. PU yoga mats have a longer service life.
  • PU yoga mat is also called a luxury yoga mat, because the price is more expensive, and It is the most commonly used in yoga studios.

Luxury Nature Rubber Yoga Mat needs to be well maintained:

1. Fear of cold, heat, and light

Natural rubber yoga mats tend to harden and become less elastic in too cold temperatures, so they are prone to cracking.

When in too hot temperature too high environment, it will accelerate the oxidation reaction of rubber mat, which is the most common aging phenomenon of rubber.

When in strong light UV light affects the molecular chains inside the rubber, accelerating oxidation, and it also leads to web-like cracks on the rubber surface.

2. Fear of oil

Oil substances can penetrate into the interior of the more rubber, so that the internal vulcanized rubber mesh structure of rubber changes, resulting in swelling, reducing the strength of rubber, and accelerating the aging of rubber.

So in the practice, the skin sweating oil, this kind of oil will also accelerate the aging of the rubber mat, so after using the mat must be carried out to clean and maintain.

3. Fear of water

When immersed in water, or left in a humid environment for a long time, certain components in the rubber are easily dissolved, hydrolyzed, or absorbed. If soaked in water and then exposed to air, the constant repetition of such steps is tantamount to accelerating the destruction of rubber.

4. Clean

Do not use detergent products containing tea trees or any oily ingredients.

5. Ventilation

After clean use, please place in a ventilated shady place tiled naturally air dry. The yoga mat is made of natural rubber and should not be exposed to the sun.

6. Storage

When receiving, please turn the side that contains LOGO outward, roll up and fold, prevent appearing drape.

7. About the smell

PU rubber mat will have some smell at the beginning because we did not add any chemical aromatic agent to cover up, this is the taste of natural rubber itself, environmentally friendly and harmless, please rest assured to use. The smell will slowly dissipate in the process of use. If you are sensitive to the smell, please lay it in a tile for ventilation for a period of time.

Rubber Yoga Mat Detail Images:

ECO Yoga Mat 3

Non Slip Yoga Mat 1

ECO Yoga Mat 2

ECO Yoga Mat 1

ECO Yoga Mat 4

Non Slip Yoga Mat 2

Rubber Yoga Mat Printing:

Non Slip Yoga Mat 5

Rubber Yoga Mat Package:

ECO Yoga Mat 5

Rubber Yoga Mat Production:

Non Slip Yoga Mat 4 1

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