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Thigh Master Thigh Toner Hot Thigh And Arm Toner 2021

Product Details:

Model Number: YFP-TM
Package 60pcs/CTN, 16.5kgs/CTN, 65*50*55cm/CTN
MOQ 100pcs
Certification: CE / SGS / RoHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal

Thigh Master Thigh Toner Hot Thigh And Arm Toner 2021


Thigh master is also known as a thigh exercise, thigh toner, or thigh trimmer. It is designed to tone, firm, and strengthen all parts of the body (including thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, chest, abdomen, and upper back). The comfortable and durable foam design with a covered spring steel core provides just the right amount of resistance, perfect for any fitness level and all ages. The thigh master gives you stronger, firmer thighs with a squeeze that targets all the right muscles without adding bulk. Best of all, this workout can be done sitting or lying down, so you can relax while shedding pounds.

Environmental friendly PVC material, let you can enjoy a healthy life and shape the perfect curve. Foam protection handle, nozzle external length can reach 30mm instantly, comfortable grip, strong sweat-absorbing performance, increase friction and improve safety. Thick steel spring, high-density steel spring will not deform, so there is enough resistance, durable, dirt-resistant, and drop-resistant. Compact design: lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, easy to store; S-shaped design makes it flexible and durable. It can also slim down your legs and reduce thigh fat. Ideal for slimming, trimming thighs, shaping back, legs and arms.


Material: PVC+Foam+Bold Steel Spring

Colors: Purple ,Blue, Pink, Grey(can be customized)

Application: office, home weight loss, leg/arm/chest/waist exerciser

Packaging: 60pcs/CTN, 65*50*55cm/CTN, 16.5kgs/CTN


1. Triangle Structure Stable Support Force: Ergonomic design, in accordance with the principle of mechanics. The triangle gives the legs more force to use in order to work the deeper muscles.

2. Thick and Soft Foam: Choose high-quality Eva foam material, soft and strong. Thickening design feels more comfortable. There is no need to worry about slipping or getting hurt when using.

3. Solid Steel Joint Handle. Strong and Durable: Solid connection between shot clip and foam, flexible and can be tightened and relaxed at all. Make your exercise more effective with less effort.

4. Bold Spring. Make exercise more efficient: High-strength spring is not easy to deform, good elasticity, to provide the strength to contend with the body. Open and close repeatedly higher intensity exercise muscle body.

5. Tone Your Whole Body: Simple and effective fitness equipment, tone your thighs, triceps, hips, buttocks, and arms, excellent home gym.

6. High Quality: Our inner thigh exerciser is mainly made of PVC. Thick steel springs for more weight, sturdy and durable. Covered with a sweat-absorbing foam handle, enjoy a comfortable and safe workout.

7. Practical Design: Lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, easy to store, suitable for home use. You can easily shape your body by going anywhere in your daily life.

8. Multiple-use: Thighs, arms, back, and hip exercises can be done with this small thigh master, different body parts have different movements, it is easy to use. You can exercise lying down or standing up, it just depends on your needs.

9. Applicable to the crowd: long-term use can slim legs and reduce thigh fat. Suitable for all fitness people who want to do physical training. Great for toning thigh muscles while sitting at your desk at work, or even watching TV on the couch.

10. Occasions: You can use our thigh master to exercise at the home, office, school, and other places. Our thigh workout equipment can be used anytime and anywhere for training, and the overall performance is very good and durable.

11. Perfect Gift: Our thigh master is a great gift to keep us in good shape. You can give this thigh trainer to your brother, husband, father, sister, friend, etc.

12. Easy to use: And reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility. It’s great for home-based strength training.


This product is highly recommended. The effect of thin thighs is quite good, as long as you insist, you can sit and work while thinning your legs. Of course, it can also thin your arms.

Pelvic repair:

Women sit for a long time, which will lead to pelvic tilt, thick legs, body shape, etc., which are caused by pelvic floor muscle relaxation. This multifunctional tight master can activate the pelvic floor muscles and correct the pelvic posture; it can also help the spine to maintain a normal physiological curvature, thus having a beautiful body curve.

Use Method:

1. Training Legs: Stand on your front and back feet, squat down until your front feet are parallel to the ground, place the leg trainer between the back of your thighs and the back of your calves, squat down hard, and keep your upper body upright, then turn back slightly and maintain a half-squat position, repeat the movement.

2. Training Back: Hold the trainer with both hands, put it behind your back, squeeze the trainer inward, hold the action for 2-3 seconds, a set of 8 repetitions, 2-3 sets of exercise each time.

Detail Images:

thigh toner workout 6

Thigh Toner 7

Thigh Toner 9

Thigh And Arm Toner 3

thigh toner workout 2

Thigh And Arm Toner 5

Thigh And Arm Toner 7

thigh tone exercise 1

thigh toner workout 4

thigh toner workout 8

Thigh Toner 2

Thigh And Arm Toner 4

thigh toner workout 3

thigh toner workout 1

Thigh Toner 6

Thigh Toner 5

Thigh Toner 4

Thigh And Arm Toner 8

thigh toner workout 5

Thigh Toner 3

Thigh Toner 8

thigh toner workout 7

Thigh Toner 1

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